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Meghan Blum

Inspiration Stage Sponsor

Meghan Blum Interiors is a leading design firm known for its polished livable interiors. Founded by interior designer, Meghan Blum, the company’s renowned classic style incorporates clean lines with striking details to bridge the gap between high design and practical living.
MBI is a full service interior design firm that specializes in residential design. Meghan Blum has built solid relationships with some of the industry’s most talented architects, contractors, and vendors. This creates a cohesive, collaborative work environment among the design, building, and installation teams. The company prides itself on its highly personalized customer service and is committed to being accessible to a wide range of clients. MBI offers a full range of design services for diverse and discerning clients.

American Family Insurance

Official Insurance Partner of the
2017 Des Moines Home + Garden Show

Your home is the center of your world – a place where dreams are brought to life. That’s why for nearly 90 years, American Family Insurance has proudly worked to inspire, protect and restore dreams with smart, customizable insurance products that evolve with you. Discover inspiration for your homeowners’ journey and reimagine your living space with Kathy Ireland at American Family’s booth, #122, or at amfam.com/homeshows. You could win a prize package worth over $15,000! No purchase necessary.

Midwest ConstructionOfficial Sunroom Sponsor of the
2017 Des Moines Home + Garden Show

Let Midwest Construction Design & Build an Oasis Sunroom of Your Dreams! A sunroom gives extra square footage and enjoyable living space in your home all while enjoying the outdoors...indoors. No matter if you`re looking for a year round sun room,   screen room or a patio roof, Midwest Construction can design and build the perfect sunroom for you and your family. To learn more go to www.mwcinc.com or visit booth #722 while you are at the show.

Sleep Number Logo

Official Mattress Company of the
2017 Des Moines Home + Garden Show

SLEEP NUMBER, a sleep innovation leader, delivers unparalleled sleep experiences by offering high-quality, innovative sleep products and services. Sleep Number is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, marketer, retailer and servicer of a complete line of Sleep Number® beds. Only the Sleep Number bed offers SleepIQ® technology – proprietary sensor technology that works directly with the bed’s DualAir™ system to track and monitor each individual’s sleep. SleepIQ technology communicates how you slept and what adjustments you can make to optimize your sleep and improve your daily life. Stop by our display to learn more. Booth #534. Visit www.sleepnumber.com.