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With curiosity and guidebooks in hand, back in 2004, we began a quest to search out and study remnant prairies (pieces of the original prairie) near our home in Adams County, Iowa. It soon became our passion to find a way to help these vanishing treasures survive. We enjoyed endless driving on country roads and searching out landowners to discuss the vast array of native forbs and grasses we found and get permission to hand collect seed. It was a treasure hunt adventure every day--GPS mapping, flagging species, and returning to collect the precious seeds that held the genetic material of the original Tallgrass prairie species. Sadly, each year, we watch the remnants, that we located earlier, deteriorate and, some, just cease to exist due to the encroachment of introduced grasses, weeds, herbicides, trees, and disturbance. We hand collected the seeds from remnant prairies and planted them in the remnant prairie on our farm. Now, we are hand collecting the seeds from direct descendants of these species to share so you may enjoy a piece of Iowa’s rich history in your backyard. We walk the prairie and collect each species individually, by hand. Clean the seeds with various seed cleaners, send it to a laboratory for germination testing and then individually package each species. The process is time and labor intensive. But preserving the genetic material of our original Tallgrass prairie is dear to our hearts. Our seed stock came directly from the natural plants that dominated the landscape of pre-settlement Iowa. They grow naturally in a remnant prairie setting and not in a monoculture production environment. It is our hope that the species of the Tallgrass prairie will become, NOT a part of our past, but a part of YOUR life and garden for generations to come.