Iowa One Call

Booth: 1043
9001 Hickman Rd.
Suite 220
Des Moines, IA 50322
Iowa One Call is the state of Iowa's free underground facilities damage prevention system, designed to safeguard all Iowa citizens, the environment, the essential underground facilities infrastructure and community property. Digging into an underground facility, including gas and electric lines, communications and fiber optics cables, and water or sewer services, may place Iowans in harms way, disrupt essential services, and potentially result in serious liability. All Iowans are required by law to notify the state's Iowa One Call system at least 48-hours prior to (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) beginning any type of digging or excavating. This includes all homeowners and Iowa residents as well as all professional contractors and excavators. This required service is free to all users. The person(s) planning any projects that may entail digging/excavating can access Iowa One Call simply by dialing 811 on any land-line or cellular telephone. The call is free and so is the actual service that includes the locating and marking of all registered underground facilities. State law requires all operators of underground facilities to register their facilities with the Iowa One Call system and this includes utility operators (gas, electric, telephone and cable TV providers, as well as city and municipal water, sewer and electric operators). It is very important to understand that not all buried facilities will be located and marked via the Iowa One Call system. Some buried pipes, wires, cables, conduit and other services, are considered to be "private facilities." Private facilities include all propane services, water and sewer service laterals to abutting properties, or anything privately installed by the landowners (such as irrigation systems, "invisible dog fences," or other types of lines privately installed and buried). The most important thing for homeowners to understand is that any type of activity that penetrates the soil may potential disrupt an underground facility. Homeowners should always dial 811 prior to doing any type of work that will penetrate the soil. There are some exemptions including "Normal Residential Gardening." For more information on your responsibilities and the requirements of the law, please visit our website.