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Carver, MN
Guaranteed The Most Comfortable Pillow You'll Ever Own! MyPillow® is a patented, revolutionary breakthrough in pillow comfort, health, and support. You'll love the way it adjusts to the unique curvature of your neck and stays cool. 

Hi, I'm Michael J. Lindell, Inventor, Manufacturer, and President of MyPillow, Inc. I have developed one of the few US Patented Pillows made 100% in the USA. My unique design allows you to choose from 5 different lofts allowing MyPillow (your pillow) to adjust for your maximum comfort. It is washable and dryable. Best of all, it has a 10-year warranty guaranteeing IT WILL NOT GO FLAT! The medical grade, patented foam I use is anti-microbial and non-allergenic with no off-gasing. I use a dust mite resistant ticking used on pillows that cost twice as much, and... it stays cool!