Zen Windows Des Moines

Booth: 1102
699 Walnut St.
Suite 400
Des Moines, IA 50309

1. Zero-Hassle Window Quotes - Zen Windows Des Moines is anything but the average window company. We provide high-quality, no-stress window replacement for homeowners all over Iowa. No pressure. No pricing games. No sales pitches. Period.

2. Fair Prices - Every replacement window company in Des Moines says it has “the best prices.” But we can PROVE we do. We truly offer the best prices on windows because we keep our overhead as low as possible.
     A. We provide quotes over phone and email, so we have no salespeople on payroll. 
     B. We buy factory direct, which allows us to avoid the “middleman markup.”
     C. We do minimal advertising to keep our marketing costs down.
All this adds up to superior replacement windows that are refreshingly affordable.

3. No Up-Front Deposit - Do you really want to pay 50% of your project cost BEFORE your contractor starts working? It’s a big gamble… but it’s one that 99 out of 100 replacement window company make you take. We’re that “1 out of 100” exception. You don’t owe us dime one until we complete the project and you are completely satisfied. This keeps the experience low stress on your end and keeps us 100% accountable to deliver stellar results. Win-win.

4. Expert Window Installation - Our window installers are thorough, licensed craftsmen who go above and beyond to ensure your windows are airtight, waterproof, and perform for life. This includes using heavy-duty fasteners and screws, producing 100% straight and clean caulk lines, and injecting your new windows’ frames with special high-density foam insulation. Not only is our crew extremely skilled, but they’re also friendly and approachable people who will make your installation experience pleasant and comfortable. They are good communicators, show up on time, and are happy to answer any questions you have during your project.

5. Lifetime Warranties - To ensure your total peace of mind after we’ve installed your windows, we protect your project with a lifetime transferable warranty on materials AND labor. Our warranties contain ZERO fine print, ZERO “gotchas,” and even cover glass breakage. It’s our way of making sure your window project remains “Zen” long after installation.