Jason Cameron

Jason Cameron

On the outside, Jason Cameron looks like a TV star. But on the inside, he’s all handyman and all business. Watch him work and it quickly becomes apparent this licensed contractor really knows his stuff, especially when it comes to his own personal passions: home improvement and landscaping. Jason says he recently even gutted his own home and completely revamped the backyard. Now he’s putting his extensive hands-on expertise to work for DIY Network building, landscaping, hardscaping and more.

A native of Toledo, Ohio, Jason worked his way through Northern Michigan University as a carpenter, and then moved to the Northern Jersey/New York City area where he continued his carpentry and general contracting business. Catch Jason putting all his tools to work on DIY Network’s Desperate Landscapes, Man Caves and Sledgehammer.

Jason Cameron appeared on the Inspiration Stage Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

AndyandCandis2Andy and Candis Meredith

Utah couple Andy and Candis Meredith are on a mission to save as many historic homes as possible. Candis has been restoring homes for 12 years, and her husband Andy joined her full-time 2 years ago. Together they have created their company "Old Home Love". They have a passion for preserving history and restoring these special houses for new families to enjoy. They have a new HGTV/DIY series called Old Home Love airing on the DIY Network October 7th, which follows them and their 7 children as they restore old homes with a unique type of TLC.

Andy & Candis appeared on the Inspiration Stage Thursday & Friday.