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Sleep Number delivers proven, quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort and biometric sleep tracking. Experience how Sleep Number’s revolutionary 360® smart bed and SleepIQ® technology are proving the connection between sleep and well-being. Visit us in booth 534 or at


InfinityLogoIn today's culture, we place more emphasis on our wellness than ever before. After all, a higher level of overall well-being leads to a higher quality of life, which better equips us to conquer our limitations and enjoy doing the things we love most. At Infinity, we aim to help people of all lifestyles do just that by designing our chairs with the latest technology in the industry, including adjustable 3D massage and modern conveniences like Bluetooth® and mobile app compatibility. Elevate your wellness and live your best life with 
Infinity Massage Chairs.

Katie McDonaldKatie McDonald-Official Photographer of the Des Moines Home and Garden Show

West End Architectural SalvageWest End Architectural Salvage- Official Inspiration Stage Coordinator of the Des Moines Home and Garden Show